Vacation for your mind – Santorini


Since many years now, Santorini attracts travellers from around the world. In 2015 it was even THE getaway among bloggers and influencers and is since then hyped even more. With its tranquility and simple but inviting design, Santorini is one of the must-sees in every wanderlusters life.

In summers, the beauty of this island is in its full splendour. The blue of the hotel pools add the certain something to the whole picture and offer the best view on the sea.
Note: in winter months the outdoor pools don’t contain any water so either you wait a bit until it’s getting warmer or you reside in a hotel with a jacuzzi like the Adamant Suites or Absolute Bliss. A unique experience as the name implies.

The best way to reach Santorini is by plane over Athens, so you can combine cultural heritage with your luxurious stay on the island. Once reached, you can either take a cab to your hotel and explore the island by foot or rent a car. We recommend the latter as you might want to visit Oia, a lovely village on the northern side of Santorini, which offers you a view over the whole village and the sea.

Enjoy your lavish leisure in Santorini!

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